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Real souls in Seoul

home in an unlikely place

snow 1 °C

first we landed in Seoul, I couldn't believe when I saw snow when we landed! it was sooo cold! I forgot to write exactly what the temperature was, but right now its 5F or -16C if that gives you an idea.

my toes were freezing, was worried I was going to get frostbite through my boots!

we didn't spend long in Seoul, it took us an hour to get there from the airport. We braved the bus system and succeeded! after we briefly settled into our hostel, we walked around the shops. here bubble tea is about $2.50, I kinda wanted some but couldn't validate it as a new experience on my limited funds. (it cost me over $63 cash to exchange for $50 worth or 50,000 won. it was that or the minimim debit exchange was $119)



once we arrived, we were so hungry, I had to be really conservative with my money for the bus ride back. we randomly picked a seemingly popular restaurant. under the korean titles it had subtitles in Japanese. I could only read half of the characters. I picked the cheapest item on the menu. I thought it said 2pcs. of meat or kabobs. my dish came back as two skewers of garlic cloves. they were so teeny!... Atleast I read Kacey's correctly, she made out with a decent size chicken dish. 100_2241.jpg


  • yes, Kacey is holding my "meal" here*

it was amazingly stupid that I prepared absolutley NO korean before i got there. I know we all laugh at people who just shout out English louder and slower if they don't understand....but it's almost like a reflex, really***

after that, we sorta recouped in our hostel. the nearby shops were closed. I decided I would make the most of my time in Korea by meeting with the people staying there. there were people there from Taiwan, US, UK and China. it was interesting to see what brought them there; one girl from Taiwan went simply because she loved Korean dramas so much.

I really loved meeting the owners Min and Britt. Thirty-somethings whose conviction in traveling is so strong, they decided to run a business to feed their need. the owner has traveled to over 25 countries and counting. we all stayed up, sharing our experiences and views on life.

I want to tell my mother....thank you birth me, grow me....but its my life


the hostel, backpackers inside, was really homey. the facility as well as the staff. I really felt like a guest at someones house. love this place!


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