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eating like kings in Beijing

ok, maybe queens

in short, we ate duck, turtle soup, veggies and pork first night. I describe more of this at the end of the entry


After our early 2 hour flight we arrived in Beijing! I couldn’t believe I was so close to seeing the great wall.

I was so surprised how old this city looked compared to Shanghai, definitely Beijing is more historical and Shanghai is more modern. One thing about Beijing I learned, it looks as if there is a fog over the city, but I guess that’s pollution. It’s just this white fog that’s more prominent on certain days; its hard to take photos from a sky view because of it. Oh yeah, and there is no green here. All the trees are bare and there is just dirt. I feel like I understand a little why some Asian people are obsessed with the nature in Washington. I do miss the evergreens. oh! One more thing I noticed, Kacey pointed out that people from Beijing have an accent. And I can hear it! Certain words suddenly have an “er” sound attached to it. Certain phrases sound familiar except now it sounds as if their mouth is full and there are “ers” at the end. weird!!

We wandered through the town looking at old buildings and shrines our first day. The first shrine we ran into was by mistake. We actually were on our way to see the lama temple but found a shrine. I have no idea which one it was but the artwork on the ceiling, the big bell and the decorations inside were amazing! It was a nice little detour.

I really love the use of gold throughout the city. This door in particular caught my eye. It’s a door with 81 gold dots on the front. Kacey informed me that the #9 in China is lucky and that 9X9 or 81 is twice as lucky. That’s why some doors on businesses and temples have these gold dots on them.

We made it to the lama temple, it was closing just as we got there, it happened to us again!!
We wandered through the street and wound up listening to a small tour. The guide was speaking in Chinese so I couldn’t understand but Kacey seemed to catch bits and pieces. As he was speaking, I felt as if I were one of those people in old times, who while they were in cathedrals,would stare up and be mesmerized by the stained glass because they didn’t understand the language the sermon was in.. Even though I couldn’t understand anything the guide was saying, I wasn’t bored at all. There were so many details to feast my eyes on in the tiny shrine. Not an inch was spared. I have no idea how long it took to create. I was blown away by the attention to detail. I felt as soon I was done looking at a section, another small detail would catch my eye, then that lead to another then another….so much detail in the tiny space, sort of visually exhausting.

Our first night in Beijing and we wanted a feast. We had duck (Beijing classic), pork, veggies and turtle soup! the duck is a little a more meaty than I would expect. kinda like roast beef. it came with a sweet tangy sauce with wrap and veggies. so good! I really wanted to try the turtle. It was green and had a funny taste. To me it kinda tasted like incense. It tasted how it smells if that makes any sense, that’s the best way I can describe it. It also had bits of turtle meat! And these hard things that I had to take out, I realized it was bits of shell!

Later that night, I tried to withdrawal money from an ATM and my card got stuck. The bank was closed…my first night in Beijing and my card got stuck! I was supposed to blog later that night, but I was so stressed out I fell asleep right after and slept for over 12 hours!! (I got my card from the bank the next day, it took maybe 1.5 hours).


pics later when I have better connection

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