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3 Huskies in Shanghai

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first off, we switched hostels. It was such a pain, me and Kacey looked like wierdos as we carried our backs from our hostel all the way from people’s square. Maybe a mile? I’m not sure if I’m exaggerating. But yeah it was far, pretty sure people thought we were runaways. people kept staring at us. Maybe because our packs were so huge, but it’s probably because Kacey is so tall, white AND has a ginormous pack. (as if being 6ft and white wasn't enough haha) People here don’t avert their gaze either, they just keep staing like it’s ok. It’s very strange. We were soo exhausted when we arrived

  • sidenote** crossing the street in China is dangerous. the green pedestrian light probably represents "cross at your own risk", I feel like you are just as likely to get hit when it is red.

" I saved your life like 3 times!"

"It's like you're my child!!"

-Kacey Ingalls


Then we took the metro to Yu Garden (we’re becoming soo local!). It was New Year’s Eve here, it wasn’t that crowded but more than yesterday. It’s crazy, the day before was blustery and snowy and the next day its clear skies and sunny (still cold).This is where we found the husky! You don’t see many big dogs here, apparently they have regulations on how big your dog can be? I have no idea what this is based on, housing? income? We meandered through the central street, seeing all the shops, and the tourist center or bazaar. So much to see, and red red red lanterns everywhere!!


  • note** remember this photo when I compare to the next day*

by the time we were done looking at the bazaar (my first attempt at steet food: battered crab legs) we made our way to the garden and found out that it was closed! A lot of things have reduced hours this week due to the New Year. They celebrate New Year for a few weeks though, I just wonder how long do they actually need?
On the way back, we went through the Bund again. It looks so different compared to the day before. Now I can see why people think it’s so pretty. Before, it was so snowy and grey we couldn’t see ANYTHING.

Later that night, we met some really cool people at our hostel. Maggie (Chinese) Ben and Robin (from England). They invited us to go out for a drink then go to a club. It’s so easy to get distracted here! Originally we were going to see fireworks at the Bund (New Years countdown) but ended up going out and making new friends. **Unfortunately my camera died, so Kacey has photos for this part**
It was a lot of fun! At DaDa (name of bar) we met Julie (Norway) and her boyfriend Jean. They are going on an around the world trip for 6 months! Their next destination was Yunan then Thailiand! They ended up going to the club with us. (I loved the way they danced. They didn’t have to be on each other all the time, and they had cool boxy movements. Kinda like cool groovy cavemen)** I can’t add people, I hate not having facebook here!!

The club was No. 88. It was the best one I’ve been too. Not only the space, but there’s no cover and coat check was free! Awesome lighting and great music! There was a lot of American music, each song got better and better and the bass got louder pulsing throughout the place. Psy Gangham style, Flo Rida—I get a good feeling, Super Junior—Sorry Sorry (---Holle, Kali!!---pretty sure I lost it at this point!!), Nobody but you (this catchy Asian hit that I’ve been hearing everywhere) and then….they ruined the flow and played a classic American song “It’s my life” by Bon Jovi (ha! Eric I thought of you!!)…I like classic songs, the placement was just so odd.

I feel like Chinese guys don’t really know how to dance with girls. It’s like they want to, then they freeze. They’re just really good and dancing alone, or they just prefer to stand there and watch. It’s weird. We pulled up this guy on the platform to dance with us ( cuz, he was obviously watching), he was so nervous, he kept covering his face. Pretty sure he was going to cry. Haha! Awkward… poor guy.

But yeah, a good day, felt like we were really starting to see Shanghai

some random pics

100_2378.jpg 100_2402.jpg

  • *starbucks asia-fied, here you go Melanie: I've can only bring myself to get the Peach Blossom latte--it's the bomb.com


  • haha, yes, this says Dudu tea. haha ewww..

100_2407.jpg 100_2415.jpg

1) Kacey On the Bund (or waterfront at Hunagpu river) with Pearl tower in the background--Pearl tower has beautiful lightshows at night!

2) Nanjing road at night :)

thanks for reading!! I'll have to tell you about yu garden and the chaos on New Years day. more soon!



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if's so fun reading this. I've been to Yu Garden too!! Hope you enjoy the food

by zhuonan.sun

You'll have to try some DuDu tea before you leave.


by mnoster

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