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$2 meals, nuff said!

well actually, there's a lot to say but still! :o

snow -1 °C

more on the food, in a minute but,

  • note this blog is a day late (2/7/2013)...it's takes long to insert photos**

from the airport, It's super cold outside, it's snowing again! (I didn't pack the right clothes) it's atleast 0C or 32F, usually colder (but still warmer than Korea) It was was crazy as we tried to get to our hostel. Here in China, we took the metro, it took us for about an hour ride for only about $1. But be warned! the train stops in the middle of the route then goes backwards!

we stupidly thought everyone had the same stop and were glad we finally had a seat. someone (in english) pointed out that we were idiots or obviously foreign and that the train was about to go back to the airport. -__-;

first thing we saw when we got out of the station was a giant forever 21!! it was about 5 stories!! I was sooo excited! . we wandered around asking for help in broken Chinese/English and we somehow magically found it. we've had really good luck so far. our hostel is in kind of a old looking alley, it doesn't look like it would be here. And it's freezing cold! I've noticed a lot of businesses look like that. maybe because it's new year, but you'll walk down a deserted street and see old buildings that look like they haven't been in business. As you look more closely inside, there's a person behind the desk in the dimly lit main area. maybe it's new year so they're "closed".

but yeah, yesterday was our first REAL day. I feel like we did a lot, I'm trying to only say the cool details.

I've been waking up to birds chirping, not kidding Chinese birds sound different. there's more rising and falling sounds. oh yeah, I also woke up to meat...slabs of MEAT, hanging outside our window. wtf?


we got ready and finally got breakfast!!! <3 after wandering we went into a random shop where a little kid took our order. I made out with noodles and beef, Kacey got same with Chicken. we paid 24 yuan for both, about $4 USD for both people!! soooo awesome!!and it was goodd!! Even though I've only been here two days, I already feel stingy. our hostel has meals around 30-40 Yuan and not even near as good. it's going to suck going home to reg. price. I'm turning chinese already lol

100_2284.jpg 100_2285.jpg

We then wandered around some and went through people's square. we tried to look for our next hostel for a long time. we even ended up walking in the wrong direction! It was snowing and cold, I was even beginning to worry if I were going to have to sleep in the street. On the way back we went to a Starbucks. I got a peach blossom tea latte. it was so good! it's about the same price. As we left, a chinese man persistently tried to shine my shoes, ...apparently theres no Chinese word for "no", (read that again...I was told you just literally can't say "no"...you say "mei o" which means "don't have" "not here" etc.) so I didn't know what to say. I kept saying "thanks" hoping he would get "No thank you" he didn't...sorta had to run away. he put this white paste all over my shoe. by "cleaning" it, it got more dirty :<

we tried to go to the Shanghai art Museum but its closed for New Year. :( I'm hoping a lot of attractions aren't like that. It's cool though, because it's new year, we can take advantage of the giving spirit. Kacey got a great deal on pink beats headphones by Dr. Dre.! (ha! dr. Dreee eric!) She got them low enough to 400 yuan, (~$60 USD). sweet! and we learned Happy New Year is Shen nien quai Luh! (not sure if I spelled it right)

My big purchase of the day was a cellphone car....you read that right, a cellphone that literally looks like a toy car. I still need to activate it somehow so I'm able to call the states. It's ridiculously obnoxious, the settings are on super loud and I have no idea how to turn it off. when you pressed the numbers a chinese voice would scream them out. uhhh! but yeah, it lights up and makes car sounds. awesome (tai cool luh!)

I'll write back soon! Zaijien!


  • **I'll try to post later today....I'm so pissed right now. I think I lost all my pictures. my external harddrive isn't responding to my computer. Im so frustrated. I think I just lost EVERYTHING...OMG I HATE COMPUTERS

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what did you mean someone pointed out you were idiots, in your face? lol :D

by zhuonan.sun

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